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Last updated April 17, 2014

  • Next Club Meeting is Tuesday May 20th at 6pm. 
  • Visit the  "Ride Schedule" for a list of rides with the club.
  • Or you can call the Ride Line at (253) 759-2800

   Ride Codes: Pace 1-Easy (10-)   2-Moderate (11-14)   3-Steady (15-18)  4-Fast  (19+)

                             Terrain    A-Mostly Flat   B-Short Hills   C-Hilly   D-Very Hilly  

Definitions: Cruise-Everyday ride   Workout-Expect to sweat   Training-Preparing for an event

                                                                  TWBC  is a proud sponsor of EXIT133

         How to be a "Road Biker"


The PMC (Peninsula Metric Century) is now open for registration, as well as the new 65 mile FONDO and 100 mile GRAN FONDO (timed events starting at Southworth).
This year, most of the routes will cross the Narrows Bridge.

  • Check out the new Club Jersey design. Jerseys are available from Peggy Fjetland for a nominal $50.

Coming events

  • 11th Annual Tour De Lopez is on Saturday April 26th 2014. This is a fundraising event for the Chamber of Commerce and limited to 900 riders.
  • ************************************************************************************************
  • Join other Wheelmen for two weeks in Holland on a "Bike and Barge" tour. The barge is your hotel, restaurant, and baggage carrier.  
  • Who: Joyce Clifford - 253 208-0678
  • What: The IJssel Tour
  • When: June 14-27
  • Where:  Starts and ends in Amsterdam
  • How:  call 1-800-437-4771        
  • Info: bikebarge.com
Touring NEBRASKA with Steve and Phyllis

  • TWBC is sponsoring a team for RedSpoke (Redmond to Spokane) June 16-20.  

Teams of 5 or more save $$$ over the entry and fundraising costs.

Ron Nowicki renowicki@hotmail.com is the Team Leader, contact him for further details.


  • Sue Coley is considering a week long tour of the Selkirk Loop, starting and finishing in Newport, Idaho. This is a 280 mile tour and considered moderate to challenging. It would be self contained (carry your own gear) staying in motels, unless there was a volunteer sag to accompany us.  The tentative date for this is Sept. 8th through the 14th. You can contact Sue at:  coley15313@comcast.net
Route Map





For your next bike, check out Bonney Lake Bicycle Shop.

 Look for them at the Orting rest stop.




  • New Members (thanks for joining)                            

  • Ty Carlson
    Raymond Cross
    Garry Dietz
    Robert Fisk
    Chris Goodman
    Steve Gonzales
    Greg Gorgen
    Mike Hersey
    Corinne Hollow
    Brett Langlois
    Frances Marquart
    Hannah Miner
    Herb Munson
    John Shepherd
    Theodore Ralston
    Teresa Russell

  • Renewing Members
John Cain
Lynn Clark
Carolyn Downney
Doug Eckler
Ray Finch
Drew Gazabat
Jeff Grider
Noel Hagens - 2016
Russell Hale
Carla Hall
Dee Hammer & Steve Lynch
Catherine Hayes
Jesse Keating
Jim Kling
Joe Kubistek
John Loesch
Julie Anna McKonly
Linda McKonly
Ron McKonly
Michael McNichols
Steve Merriam
Jane Moore
Doug Nelson
Matt Newport
Joe Owens
Donald Perry
Bill Porter
Barbie Pratt
Terry Reid
Dorothea Richard
Rachel Rosenbaum
Kenneth Rousslang
Michael Rutkosky
Heinrich Schmidt
Irmgard Schmidt
James Sherls
Carrie Singleton
Ross Singleton
Dianne Koch Stefanko
Tony Thomas Stefanko
Paul Stoddard Family
Mikeal Treadwell
Linda Walter
Richard Walter
Frank Wilson
Dave Tullis


Have a favorite ride you'd like to share (and you're 18)?  Send your ride requests to Tour Captain.

Please include:

  • Name for the ride
  • Distance
  • Start Location
  • Pace anticipated - hills involved? (See top of page for ratings)
  • Destination (if any)
  • Date
  • Brief description of the ride 
  • Need to contact the club?
          PO Box 112078
          Tacoma, WA 98411

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