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   Visit the  Ride Calendar for a list of regular club rides.

   Ride Codes: Pace 1-Easy (10-)   2-Moderate (11-14)   3-Steady (15-18)  4-Fast  (19+)

                             Terrain    A-Mostly Flat   B-Short Hills   C-Hilly   D-Very Hilly  

 Definitions: Cruise-Everyday ride   Workout-Expect to sweat   Training-Preparing for an event

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    ABC - Arabica Bicycle Coalition



Membership New: February

Mark Sauerwald, Cassie Phillips, Carl Skagg, Tim Cook, Kim Field, Eric Wanner

Membership Renewals: February

Drew Gazbat, Raymond Cross, Trudy Russell, Russell Hale, Francis Marquart, Jane Moore, Walter Babb, 

Lynn Clark, Richard Walter, Jeff Grider, Leslie Dunham, Steve Lantry,Noel Hagens, Chris Tra, Caroline Read

Jim Taylor

Membership New:January

Anna Privette, Taran Robinson, Donna Daily, Bob Potasky, James Wilson

Membership Renewing January

Teresa Russell, Ken Neukom, Louis Boitano, Dean Skaggs, Deborah Hammond

Peggy Fjetland, Christy Strand, Carol and Roz Davis, John E. Barry III, Larry Oden, Phylis Lay

Bill Thorness, John Shields


Washington State’s Bicycle Laws.  A good refresher.

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