At  6pm the TWBC meeting was held. Items completed :

  1. 2020 Budget reviewed, discussed, and approved.
  2. 2019 Treasurers report reviewed, no issues.
  3. Discussion on 4 club options going forward.
    1. Attempting to go back to doing full up ride events,
    2. Moving forward operating as we did last year,
    3. Merge,
    4. Close down.

#2 was selected with virtual unanimous consent.

  1. Nick Shelden was accepted and voted in as TWBC President.
  2. Dave Brocard was accepted and voted in as Vice President.
  3. The membership voted to have the next meeting in January (21st). Most probable location is the same library meeting room at Wheelock Library
  4. Membership discusses rides that the club can do to gain community participation and support. Some ideas to have some ~4 mile rides that families and entry level riders can make use of. 2 or 3 members suggested that new riders and new TWBC members need some feedback and contact from TWBC to assist in use, navigation, and understanding TWBC events/rides. There was some discussion on doing a market study to learn what we may not know about TWBC and its potential future success. Some riders in the Gig Harbor area have had a couple of rides but did not know who, or how to post them. Discussion on ride leaders, club insurance, and other tasks.
  5. Items for next meeting include :
    1. Board and Staff positions, discussion on tasks and who may fill anticipated voids.
    2. By Laws update, corrections, and agreement.
    3. Sub tasks on club organization what is or is not needed.
    4. Leading Rides & Ride Log accountability
    5. Non-ride club activities